Sociabilities Social Skills Groups:
Lighthouse has developed our own approach to building social skills for children and teens who find social interactions challenging. We incorporate a variety of resource and treatment methods, including play, to keep the groups both therapeutic and fun. Group meetings are followed by brief information sessions for parents. Parents may also schedule a follow-up consultation at the conclusion of the group sessions.

Therapy Groups:
A variety of groups are featured at Lighthouse in response to the needs of our community. This program is always evolving, and may include themes such as blended families, dating violence, parenting children with special needs, social anxiety management for teens, and other selected topics. We post information for each group as they become available.

The TOGETHER Project

The TOGETHER Project provides professional group counseling and other services to children, teens, families, and adults who have been affected by the opioid crisis in some way~drug abuse, incarceration, desertion, or death. While Lighthouse does not treat the individual engaged in opioid abuse (we refer that person to appropriate treatment), Lighthouse TOGETHER Project groups serve those left in the wake of a significant opioid abuse problem in the family or relationship. The TOGETHER project forms groups for children in like circumstances, teens who are going through similar events together, adults, and families. The TOGETHER project provides once-per-week group professional counseling provided by Lighthouse staff and additional services that may assist the family or individual through our partner agency Catonsville Emergency Assistance. Call 410-788-5483 for more information.

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